Protect Your Skin This Summer!

June Hummer

Keep Cool!

Summer is pretty much upon us, especially here in Arizona!

These warm, wonderful months are great. Pool parties, barbeques, beach fun, your new swimsuit and more. However, being around all these social events leads to one huge issue – the insecure feeling of imperfect skin. Now, this is silly. You should love the skin you’re in! Be happy with that body, you’re beautiful already (yes, men, you too)! But I am human as well and share these common insecurities. Sunburn, being out of shape, acne, and what if my pores are too big, or my lips chapped up? Yikes! Even though we are our own toughest judges, it’s common knowledge that we have to love ourselves before others can even have the chance to share that experience. So what do we do about this? Face-creams, washes, medications, indoor tanning…our skin goes through a lot of rough stuff and chemicals just to reach our perception of what we feel beauty is. This has the possibility of creating damage that may appear years later. I know I personally don’t want that.

One way to help protect our sensitive skin this summer is to be sure to wear the appropriate SPF sunscreen at all times while continuously out in the sun. Re-applying is also key and very important! I designed my lotions at Ember Cove to have the most gentle ingredients possible, while still providing SPF 15. Although this isn’t an alternative to sun screen, it provides enough cover without harsh chemicals, so when you’re not out continuously, you’re still protected. The gentle ingredients in my lotion such as Aloe and Shea Butter provide wonderful healing properties so even if you get a sunburn, my lotion is safe to apply (unscented works best in this situation). This also works as a great makeup primer for the ladies, as it won’t clog pores or irritate acne. Besides this, you’ll be happy your skin is velvet soft once you meet that special someone at those summertime events. ;)

Consider covering your lips, as they are more sensitive than your normal skin. Ember Cove lip balms contain all natural ingredients which heal while keeping your lips luscious and kissable. They taste great, and won’t leave a waxy feeling or buildup on your lips that may cause unwanted attention – or keep someone from giving you welcome attention! Healthy lips are happy lips, especially during the summer.

Enjoy the sun

Enjoy the Sun!

No matter what, be happy with how your skin looks and who you are. Imperfections are beautiful and they make you unique and individual. I can guarantee that confidence in yourself will attract way more people this summer than the perfect skin. However, sunscreen and other sun protection is the quickest way to healthy skin, as prolonged exposure can cause irreparable damage. Be safe, plan ahead, and you and your skin will have the best summer ever.

I design my products at Ember Cove to be gentle and have healing properties without the harsh chemicals you find in so many other products these days. They are safe to apply on sunburns, sensitive skin, and the unscented lotion is even gentle enough to apply to fresh ink on your new summer tattoo!

Remember, I am not a doctor. All my thoughts are my own opinions or suggestions and are not meant to be taken as a prescription or guaranteed healing remedy. All images used in this post belong to me.


Food For Thought Friday – Inner Beauty!

inner beautyAlong with staying beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty is what makes you truly radiant. If you have beautiful skin, wear amazing clothes, have outstanding hair but an ugly outlook on life or a hideous personality – you’re not going to impress anyone or keep many friends.

I have an acquaintance who fits this description perfectly. She is very beautiful, wears clothing that would make anyone want to shop where she does, and she has hair that never looks bad. But yep! You guessed it, she has a less than favorable personality. She’s pretty judgmental and its not so fun to be around her.

I have a friend who’s choice of clothing is questionable, doesn’t wear makeup, has an…odd attraction to becoming a mortician, and doesn’t go out of her way to impress anyone. But! She has the most loveable personality because she absolutely loves life and doesn’t judge anyone around her. So out of these two…guess who’s happier? If you guessed my friend with the odd style, you’d guess right! She’s also all around healthier, has more friends, and is doing way better in life.

So, have a positive outlook on life! Your inner beauty is what makes you stand out and what draws people to you. If you want people to think you’re beautiful, you need to change what’s inside first.

Along the same lines of inner beauty, you need to stay healthy as well. When you’re unhealthy you feel miserable…trust me, I’ve been there too. It’s very hard to maintain a positive outlook when you’re feeling your worst. Eat right, exercise, go on walks and drink plenty of water. You’ll be on your way to living life beautifully in no time – you probably already are! :)

Do you have any friends or family members who could benefit from fixing their inner beauty? I have a few but I have no idea how to go about letting them know. Any thoughts would be awesome, as it could fix some family problems too!