Food For Thought Friday – My Roller-Coaster of a Life!

IMG_0836Here’s a nice, long, and personal “welcome back” post! :) Hope you guys missed me!

Life sure has a way of making sure you’re always on your toes. The past year has been an absolute roller coaster full of changes, both good and bad. There has been death in the family, moves, celebrations, debt, lessons, struggles, happiness, and so much growing. But, here I am today. I am alive, happy, and thankful for every single moment. Past events have helped me learn the difference between who I am and who I want to be. Ever since I realized that these are two different things, I have been working hard every day to better myself as a person. I have made mistakes, some of them worse than others, but who hasn’t? Every day is a new day to change who you were yesterday. There are constant ups and downs in life, and the key is to just accept everything for what it is. I have learned that being upset has never once solved anything. Being proactive and positive does. There are many situations that I wish I had handled differently, but focusing on thoughts like these only made me frustrated. Instead, I have learned from them. I have forgiven myself on the condition that it will never happen again, and that any future situations will be handled with a clear head and complete understanding.

A couple months ago I moved back to Arizona from Maryland. This was a hard move, and it had a terrible weight and negative effect due to the reason behind it. However, with a little help and motivation from my best friend and personal hero, I applied my new way of thinking immediately which saved me a lot of trouble. Instead of grieving or becoming lost in thoughts, I made myself busy and signed up at a University with a Bachelor’s degree in mind. While unpacking, I researched classes and schedules, using each moment of my free time productively. I went to the gym, I read great books and started to get my life back together again. There were trip ups and mess ups, but my best friend continued to reassure me that I was on the right track and everything would be fine. I kept my chin up and stayed positive, and soon good things began to happen. When you keep a bright outlook on life, life tends to reward your efforts.

I honestly couldn’t have accomplished such an amazing 180 life change without the constant reassurance and motivation of my best friend. He has been there for me since day one, and has never once let me get away with a single negative thought. We kept each other on track and have found amazing benefits to our lives and outlook. Hang on to your loved ones closely, motivate them and encourage them every day because you never know when you may have to let them go. Most of all, appreciate them. The people who have seen you at your worst but still love and support you are those you need to truly hang on to. My experiences have shown me the hard way that the very moment you take something for granted, you lose it…and unfortunately, you’re not likely to get it back no matter what you do. I am extremely thankful for my best friend and I let him know it every day. To say he saved my life is an understatement. He  gave me one, and I am truly grateful.

Ember Cove Soap

Ember Cove Soap

Because of my new outlook on life, I did a complete overhaul of my site, to reflect the great changes that I have experienced. This is a brand new chapter and it can only lead to great things. Whatever trials life throws at me, I can’t say I’ll be ready…but I can say that I will accept them for what they are and handle them accordingly.

New posts will be flowing in a lot more often, so keep your eye on this blog. :) I have a lot to write about and even more to share. My goal is to keep this blog not only to provide information for my company, but also as motivation to anyone else out there who may be struggling. I just have one more thing to say. Everything gets better, but it also gets worse. You just have to accept that life is going to throw something at you when you least expect it, good or bad. You aren’t the same person who you were yesterday,  and as long as you keep trying to stay positive and make happy changes to your life, things will work out for the best. :D

Food For Thought Friday – Inner Beauty!

inner beautyAlong with staying beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty is what makes you truly radiant. If you have beautiful skin, wear amazing clothes, have outstanding hair but an ugly outlook on life or a hideous personality – you’re not going to impress anyone or keep many friends.

I have an acquaintance who fits this description perfectly. She is very beautiful, wears clothing that would make anyone want to shop where she does, and she has hair that never looks bad. But yep! You guessed it, she has a less than favorable personality. She’s pretty judgmental and its not so fun to be around her.

I have a friend who’s choice of clothing is questionable, doesn’t wear makeup, has an…odd attraction to becoming a mortician, and doesn’t go out of her way to impress anyone. But! She has the most loveable personality because she absolutely loves life and doesn’t judge anyone around her. So out of these two…guess who’s happier? If you guessed my friend with the odd style, you’d guess right! She’s also all around healthier, has more friends, and is doing way better in life.

So, have a positive outlook on life! Your inner beauty is what makes you stand out and what draws people to you. If you want people to think you’re beautiful, you need to change what’s inside first.

Along the same lines of inner beauty, you need to stay healthy as well. When you’re unhealthy you feel miserable…trust me, I’ve been there too. It’s very hard to maintain a positive outlook when you’re feeling your worst. Eat right, exercise, go on walks and drink plenty of water. You’ll be on your way to living life beautifully in no time – you probably already are! :)

Do you have any friends or family members who could benefit from fixing their inner beauty? I have a few but I have no idea how to go about letting them know. Any thoughts would be awesome, as it could fix some family problems too!