Food For Thought Friday – Inner Beauty!

inner beautyAlong with staying beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty is what makes you truly radiant. If you have beautiful skin, wear amazing clothes, have outstanding hair but an ugly outlook on life or a hideous personality – you’re not going to impress anyone or keep many friends.

I have an acquaintance who fits this description perfectly. She is very beautiful, wears clothing that would make anyone want to shop where she does, and she has hair that never looks bad. But yep! You guessed it, she has a less than favorable personality. She’s pretty judgmental and its not so fun to be around her.

I have a friend who’s choice of clothing is questionable, doesn’t wear makeup, has an…odd attraction to becoming a mortician, and doesn’t go out of her way to impress anyone. But! She has the most loveable personality because she absolutely loves life and doesn’t judge anyone around her. So out of these two…guess who’s happier? If you guessed my friend with the odd style, you’d guess right! She’s also all around healthier, has more friends, and is doing way better in life.

So, have a positive outlook on life! Your inner beauty is what makes you stand out and what draws people to you. If you want people to think you’re beautiful, you need to change what’s inside first.

Along the same lines of inner beauty, you need to stay healthy as well. When you’re unhealthy you feel miserable…trust me, I’ve been there too. It’s very hard to maintain a positive outlook when you’re feeling your worst. Eat right, exercise, go on walks and drink plenty of water. You’ll be on your way to living life beautifully in no time – you probably already are! :)

Do you have any friends or family members who could benefit from fixing their inner beauty? I have a few but I have no idea how to go about letting them know. Any thoughts would be awesome, as it could fix some family problems too!