About Me!

My name is Ember, owner of Ember Cove – Specialty Soaps & Moisturizers. I alone run every aspect of the business from making my products, packaging, sending them off, maintaining my website and upholding my outstanding customer service. It’s hard work for one person, but I absolutely love it.

I want everyone to live life beautifully. Although I made this blog for Ember Cove, the business and myself are one and the same just like Tony Stark is to the Iron Man suit. I will be including a nice mish-mash of life stories, motivational snippets, photography, and other inspiring and motivational things. I also have “Food For Thought Friday” which I will post something worth thinking about…thus the name, “food for thought”.

You may have heard the quote, “love the skin you’re in”. Most people out there hear that and call “bs”. However, I would like to coax you to give that quote another try. You are beautiful regardless of your flaws. This is not easy to accept. We are human, and all of us have that point where we look in the mirror and become a little bit self conscious at some sort of unwanted or unaccepted blemish, inside or out, no matter how big or small, noticeable or not. This is where I would like to step in with both my blog, and my self owned business. You see, I have had my own life issues which involved personal growth, accepting my own flaws, and learning to love who I am. I take pride in handcrafting bath products including specialty soaps, luxury lotions, shaving oils and skin salves and delicious lip balms. I use all natural and gentle ingredients because my products are designed for any type skin, especially those suffering from sensitive or problematic skin. My products will help heal and relieve irritating conditions such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, aging, sun burns, dry skin and more, which will hopefully result in a boost of self-confidence! I truly hope to obtain more than just a sale from my products. I want everyone to benefit from the healthy changes in their skin and I sincerely hope my products and blog help in some way, shape, or form to make someone’s life a bit more beautiful. I always say to Live Life Beautifully, and it is more than a quote to me. It is the way I live my life.

Why information on ingredients? Well, my customers rely on me to do extensive research on everything I use in my products. I want to save you the trouble of doing vast amounts of research as to why my handmade soaps and lotions work so well, and maybe it will help you find something you didn’t know you were looking for. So many people have already benefited from my products, I wanted to show them why, and encourage others with problem skin to give my products a try as well. I truly, honestly care about skin conditions and helping anyone find relief from them. Even if you have perfect skin already, I want you to keep it that way and my products will do that too.

Your participation on this blog is essential to my survival in the internet world. :) I’ll try post new stuff as often as I can for you to enjoy!

Still want to know a bit more about me?

I’m 26, I have an extremely blessed life that is hard and frustrating at times, but extremely rewarding. I live with my Pug, Polo, and have recently gotten pretty serious about aquascaping freshwater aquariums and nano tanks. I adore playing Xbox 360 Live, and some of my favorite games include Borderlands, Castle Crashers, Call of Duty, Halo and Left 4 Dead (all up to date of course). I find wildlife fascinating and I love to go on hikes, walks, bike rides…basically anything outdoors makes me happy. I love all types of music, but I don’t really appreciate metal or country (but there are exceptions). I’m incredibly obsessed with Lotus – both the cars and the flower (like, I look for lotus flower designs and items all over and I plan on buying a Lotus car some day if I strike it big). I’m really into natural remedies and I enjoy learning about them as well as sharing my knowledge. Honestly, I really care about helping people and finding remedies to their skin ailments. This is why I created my soap recipe to benefit any type of skin, and why I made my blog to enlighten whoever was interested.

Emails, comments, questions, feedback and Facebook “likes” make my day, and I’ll always try my best to respond quickly. I’m always here for you, like some sort of internet friend you’ve never met! :) You can contact me through sales@embercove.com. I check my email multiple times a day, as most of my work involves the computer.

If you want to know even MORE about me and my business (which is my passion and I’m extremely proud of it), check out my website at www.EmberCove.com! And my “About Us” which explains my business!

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