A Fresh Start

free bee soapSome of you may be new to Ember Cove and my blogs, whereas some may remember my old blog and may be wondering what happened to it. To be quite honest, I am not sure. One day it disappeared – information and all. I am now going to use this opportunity to start fresh, right alongside the revealing of my new site layout that I launched a couple days ago! I felt like a more professional touch was needed as my last layout was a bit confusing and frustrating for some which led to problems that shouldn’t have been there.

My goal as a business owner is not only to provide top-notch handmade soaps, lotions and other moisturizers, but to also provide customer service that surpasses any of your expectations. To add to this, I also wish to share information on the ingredients I use that may be beneficial when ordering my products. This is the reason for my blog.

Now that I have to start over, I have big plans for my upcoming blogs. I hope you find them not only informative, but as an interesting and beneficial read as well.

I will be writing new blogs as often as possible, so please keep checking back periodically for updates! :) If you have an idea as to what you’d like more information on, please send me a request and I just might blog about it.